Prices of Tickets for individual events will be displayed in June 2019

may be purchased on the door:-  Friday or Saturday Evening dances - Rover tickets £ 

                                                    Afternoon  & Come All Ye dances                             £ 

                                                    Dance Workshops                                                     £ 

                                                    Music Workshop (4 sessions)                                   £ 

                                                              "                 (1 session)                                    £ 

 Festival Base:  

King Edward School and Leisure Centre (KES and KELC)    WS14 9DE

Festival Office:   

Seymour Suite,       First Floor, King Edward Leisure Centre

                          Opening times:        Friday    17.30 - 22.00 

                                                        Saturday  9.00 - 10.30 and 12.30 - 13.00

                          Phone number:       07929 793296

                          Manager:                Penny McLennan

Arrival time:         

Please delay arrival until after 17.00 on Friday, to avoid exiting traffic.

How to find us: 

From Lichfield centre: Cross Birmingham Road (A5127) follow A51/Upper                       

St. John Street (signposted Tamworth), pass under railway bridge and after half                            

a mile take second turning on left, ie 100 metres before traffic lights at                                        

junction with A5206.  There will be Folk direction signs in place just before                                

turn off point.  After turning left veer left/straight ahead into Kings Hill Road                              

and drive onto festival site.  KELC, which has its own car park, is the first                              

building on the right.

From A38 Lichfield South direction:

drive along A5206 to traffic lights at Shell Garage.  Go through lights towards Lichfield centre on A51/Upper St John Street,

after 50 metres look for Folk direction sign then take first right and follow directions above.

From Tamworth on A51:

As you drive into Lichfield, go through first set of  traffic lights by Shell Garage, veer right into Upper St. John Street and take  

first right, as described above.

Site traffic:

Stewards will be on duty to direct all caravans and campervans to their pitches.  Please follow their instructions, and pitch up before registering.

Site Layout:

           See diagrams in programme.

Camping and Caravanning:

Limited numbers of pitches available at site.  Must be pre booked  with Season tickets.  See separate web page for details.

Hot and cold Meals

at reasonable prices: Served in KES Dining Annex from 17.30 on Friday and throughout the week end.  See programme for details.

Walking between KES and KELC:

Please note that the pavement along Kings Hill Road is uneven in places and should be walked with care.  After dark a torch is                                 recommended.


There are overlaps between sessions to ensure that, especially at peak times, there is continuous activity.  Timetabling is always a delicate balance

and the overlaps are designed to give the best choice to the maximum number of dancers.  We welcome feed back, however, so please keep sending in your comments.

Music Workshops:

Prospective musicians can contact Maggie Kaye on margaretkaye@blueyonder.co.uk for music for the Tea Dance

Worshipping Folk:

Led by Chris Polhill, Chaplain to Lichfield Folk Festival.  We worship God together with dance, song and prayer at the special service designed for the Festival.  Each year there is a different theme for the service.  Sunday morning in the Activity Room at KELC.  See programme for times.

Folk Sales

Derek & Ann Appleing will be in attendance to deliver pre- ordered material.


The nearest cash machine is at the Shell Garage, at the junction of London Rd and Tamworth Rd.

Useful Phone Numbers:

Police: 0845 330 2010

SAMUEL JOHNSON HOSPITAL: (01543) 412900 (or 999) on Trent Valley Rd

24 hour taxi service by City Cars 01543 255440 or 254999


Some tips for publicising your club on facebook Jen Morgan 
Lichfield Folk Festival 21st - 23rd June 2019
In many ways publicising on facebook works exactly like any other publicity  
You need to supply basic information, just like you would on a flyer or in an email.  You need to provide the seven Ws: ● What (what is the event?) ● Where (address of venue including postcode) ● When (date and time) ● Who is the event for?  (Everyone?  Families?  Everyone who like New England squares?) ● Who to contact for more details?  (Phone number, email address, website…) ● How much?  (ticket price and also how to pay) ● Why?  (why should people attend this event?  Will it be fun?  Will they make friends? Learn things?  Get some gentle exercise?) 
What’s different? 
1. It is important to be super positive.  Being lukewarm seems like damning with faint praise.  Thanks is always good.  2. More is more.  Posting twice a week is good.  3. Sincerity is important.  It is really obvious if you don’t believe what you’re saying.  4. Photos and short videos are good.  
You can set up a facebook group.  This let’s you: ● Be found in searches eg if you are Stadhampton Folk Dance Club you might be found by someone searching for “dance Stadhampton”.  ● Post messages which can be seen by the whole group.  (although some people in the group may not see them) ● See who has joined your group.  ● Change settings on who can post to the group, who can approve members and whether people outside the group can see posts.  
You can create a facebook event.  ​Make sure you create a public event.  ​This let’s you: ● Be found in searches.  ● Put all the event details in one place.  The seven Ws, plus you can choose a good photo to go with it.  ● Invite friends to attend.  (There is no way to invite people you haven’t friended on facebook.) ● Share in your group.  ● Share on your own timeline.  This means your friends will probably see it.  ● Share in other groups (eg “Things to do in Stadhampton” and similar). ● Add other people or pages as co-hosts.  For example, you can add the band and the caller as co-hosts (and I think doing this is good practice as it means they can change what you have written about them if they need to).  ● See how many people are interested in your event, and how many plan to attend. Others can also see this -- which can be good publicity if the number is high.  (This number is usually lower than the number who actually attend.) 
Pages A page can:  ● Be found in searches ● Host events ● Be “liked” by people.  But bear in mind that you have no way of seeing who has liked your page, and there is no message all option.  ​It is not a mailing list.  ● Be shared.  ● Be used in place of a website.  
On the whole I think setting up a page is not worth the bother.  A group and events are more useful.  If you’ve already got one though it can’t hurt to keep it looking attractive and up to date.  
Tagging When you tag a person in a post they are much more likely to see what you have written. Their friends may also see it.  You can also tag events, groups and pages.  You do this by typing @ and then starting to type their name.  You can select them from a dropdown menu.  
I mainly use this for thanking people after an event:  I tag the band, the caller, everyone who helped on the door, put decorations up, brought raffle prizes, made the tea.  It’s good manners.