Festival Photos & Videos 2019 




English Country Dance Band with Geoff Cubitt calling "Grid Squares" CLI CK

Colin Hume Calling "Doodling" by Naomi Alexander, at the Come All Ye CLICK

Frances Richardson with the Festival Band , calling "Sellingers Round" the traditional final dance of the Festival CLICK

 Rhodri Davies 3    CLICK

Rhodri Davies 4  CLICK

Rhodri Davies with 3D Dance Workshop "Playford interpretation or invention"   CLICK

Rhodri Davies Dance Workshop 2   CLICK

Rhodri Davies Dance Workshop 3      CLICK

Jen Morgan calling "Portsmouth" with the Festival Band    CLICK

Hilary Herbert calling a Triple Minor    CLICK

Gene Murrow with Jovial Crew in the Sports Hall     CLICK

Jen Morgan "Progressive Contra Heys"  CLICK

Jen Morgan with 3D Contra Workshop CLICK



Festival 2018 video CLICK 

Victoria Yeomans  with 3D Dance Workshop (Hilary's Humours) Festival 2018  video CLICK

Ivan Aitkin with 3D calling 42nd Street video CLICK  

Festival 2018 Julia leading the music workshop for the "Come All Ye" video CLICK