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Earlybird Dance Friday 17th June Mark Elvins with 3D

Ellis Rogers with Stradivarious -Regency Dance Workshop

Festival 2016 King Edwards Leisure Centre

Sep Tepfer and the English Country Dance Band

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Selection of photos from the Festival

The first videos of the 2016 Festival have been posted on Facebook            


Gary Roodman calling "The Lichfield Ruby Surprise"  with music played by Deo Volente

Gary Roodman  most generously choreographed Lichfield's Ruby Surprise , to splendid Corelli music, a dance to celebrate our 40th Festival in 1915. It is in his new book. We had a chance to dance it during his workshop & evening dance during the  weekend.  You can order the book by contacting Derek and Ann Appleing at Folk Sales phone 01242 692243 or email

derek-ann@folksales.co.uk.   They can deliver orders to the 2016 Festival.


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Gary Roodman calling his dance "The Wrights of Lichfield" with music played by Deo Volente

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Rhodri Davies  with King Kontra String Band,      click HERE

The contra is, Live Long and Prosper, written by Mike Richardson of Seattle for Bob McQuillen's 70th birthday. According to Mike part of the inspiration for this one was To Have and To Swing which was written by Mark Elvins for Rhodri's wedding.

Rhodri Davies  with King Kontra String Band      click HERE

The square is an impromptu call based around the Beer Mug Chain move, or to be more precise a variation on the Beer Mug - the way we did it is not quite as it is in the manual!.

Kathryn Wright with 3D at The Tea Dance calling "The Ruby"  by Charles Bolton     click HERE

Mike Courthold with Gordon Taylor leading the Big Band in the Sports Hall               click HERE      

Other photos & videos are being processed at the moment and will be posted as soon as they become available.


Andrew Shaw calling"The Royall Soveraign" (Walsh, 1715). in Gym 201       click HERE

Geof Owen calling "Redwing" at Come All Ye 2014                                          click HERE (Here for Youtube)

Frances Richardson calling " Sellenger's  Round" at the Come All Ye 2014                click HERE                

Ian Jones calling "Mr Ganiford's Maggot" at his workshop in the gym 2014     click HERE

Dancing in Bader Hall 2014                click HERE

Festival  CLICK for photos from 2015