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Please click here for the 2021 programme.

Key to abbreviations:

A = American-style
P = Playford/English style
M = Mixed American/English



Get together, participate and enjoy!

Dance workshops

Led by our guest callers, Dance workshops focus on a particular style of dancing or a particular formation and offer an in-depth experience. See the Callers page for more information about the Artists and their specialisms.

Music workshops

Unfortunately it will not be possible for us to run the music workshops this year.

Worshipping Folk

The half hour Sunday morning service is a popular event at the Festival, led by the Festival Chaplain with music from a local band.

We worship God together with dance, song and prayer at the special service designed for the Festival. Each year there is a different theme for the service. Sunday morning in the Activity Room in the Sports Centre. See programme for times.


There are overlaps between sessions to ensure that, especially at peak times, there is continuous activity. Timetabling is always a delicate balance and the overlaps are designed to give the best choice to the maximum number of dancers. We welcome feed back, however, so please keep sending in your comments.

Priority will be given to season ticket holders where necessary.

To save on plastic cups, please bring your own water bottles.